Black Ocean Race for the surfski people

USN Ocean Race 19 may 2024

Traning fun day 18/5 if wind
The unkown course race!

USN Ocean Race Sponsored by USN Sweden

There´s a new surfski race in “town”!

USN Ocean Race choose to show some of the possibilities we have in south Sweden for downwind paddling. We will give you new experiences to find new race courses. So our rule number one is: The race will only go were you never raced before.


19 may

  • Downwind, round course or larger triangle course depending of winds.
  • U18, Senior, Master, Women, Men

10-15km & 17-25km

  • Finest selection course possibilities, start:
  • Glommen N & NW wind
  • Torekov N & NW wind
  • Råbocka E wind
  • Arild S wind
  • Viken S wind
  • Ålabodarna no wind
  • Råå N wind
  • Borstahusen no wind
  • Sibbarp S & SW wind


Program 19 may

Course USN Ocean Race:
We start in Borstahusen, race to Norreborg*, paddle in after the small marina place the boat on the beach and run up to the rocks and round them. Then race back to Borstahusen. “Finish when you fot touch dry land, then stop your watch”.
We will use Webscorer as timing as a test, please also download Webscorer ap for test of tracking.
*Norreborg  WGS84 55°55’12.2″N 12°41’47.1″E


More information about Surfski Open

About Service

USN Ocean Race.

No buss and safety boat. Sea rescue will be informed about the race.

Trailer available.

Price giving sponsored by USN (United Sport Nuitrition). Compete and get stronger with products from USN.

Information & Rules

AWC will supply with buss transport for participants. Trailers will also be available.  

Mandatory safety equipment:

  • Competition licence.
  • Leg leash
  • PFD (life jacket)
  • Smoke Flare
  • Fox 40 whistle or similar
  • You shall be dressed to manage at least 30 minutes in water.
  • Colourful clothing on shirt and/or PFD, fully black is not recomended!
  • Cellphone with RS Safe Trx (Redningsselskapet) app installed, w. at least 80% battery capacity
  • Competitors must be able to re-enter from water. (Spot-check, on demand. The safety officer on the boats or on land have the right to refuse your start.)
  • Recommended: PLB, VHF or button cell phone
  • Recomended: Sticker on paddle in sharp color

Webtracking obligatory:

Prices for participitation

  • Main event 250 sek/22 €.

Last day to register 18 may!

Register is open to saturday night!

Payment Information

Swish for swedish participants : 1233027927

Bankgiro for swedish participants: 5870-8637

International payment:  



Bank: SEB, 106 40 Stockholm


Accomodation Partners

Starting List USN Ocean Race.

Surfski rental

We work for having more rental brands on the list, please contact each supplier:

  • Carbonology surfski SS1 500 sek (50 euro) SS2 600 sek (60 euro)
  • CS Flash
  • CS Flash LV
  • CS Pulse
  • CS Vault
  • CS Boost
  • CS Boost LV
  • CS Boost SS2
  • CS Zest SS2
  • CS Blast SS2
  • CS Blast SS2
  • Contact:
  • Nordic Kayaks SS1 500sek (50 eruo)
  • NK Excersize
  • NK Squall 540
  • NK Squall 580
  • NK Storm 610
  • Contact:

Skälderviken, one of our courses, june 11-2021:

Swedish Champion 2021 & 2023 Ivan Kruger Team Aterra

Ivan Kruger took the goldmedal in  Skälderviken, the course gave the participants good waves. Second place to Aron von Bienke and Nils Karls third. 

Emma Levemyr was first over the line of the ladys with Jennie Larsson and Teresia Uggla behind.

Master Men: Tommy Karls is back on top, second place was Johan Skärskog and third Team Aterras hard fighting Leif Davidsson.

Sponsors, Carbonology Sport, USN, Tyr-C, Mocke Gear, Vaikobi Gear, Palm Equipment